Being a Grown-up is Hard

You know all those memes you see about wanting to take naps and have somebody stop you from eating cake whenever you want? Does it make you think about not paying bills, sliding down orchard hills in the winter or spending all day with your friends at the lake? 

It does for me!! For a very long time I had almost no bills. I owned my vehicle outright and rented (Inclusive). I wasn't in charge of most groceries or utilities; I had a cell phone, car insurance and whatever else I wanted to do. I thought life was hard then and boy was I so fucking wrong! I made much less money than I do now but I had so much more left over at the end of the month.

I now have a car payment, insurance, rent, cell phone, kid sports, loan, credit card, business costs, licenses and..... I know I'm forgetting something. That comes with old age, it's ok.

These things are commitments that I wouldn't change for the world. My car loan offers me security of roadside assistance and reliability; My cell phone replaces a landline and is a write off for my business; Rent.... well I am grateful I can afford to contribute to that and that my family has a roof over our heads; My daughter is an amazing gymnast so I wouldn't give that up. I could keep going but I think you get the gist of it.

These are commitments, compromises and gains that I'm thankful for. We don't live paycheque to paycheque and we aren't poor. We do have to keep a budget in mind and we do have to plan out our expenses but we live comfortably enough to be ok with that. To me, there is a balance in life. That doesn't mean you have to give things up because it's easier but it does mean knowing what you want and knowing what is a priority so that you can work for it.

It also means I'm allowed to bitch about it. I chose this life, I don't regret it and I want all of these things. If I need to change something then I will. If I need to re-evaluate then I will; I do quite often actually! 

The point is that life isn't Roses and Rainbows. It's fucking hard and it's supposed to be. Bask in it, love it, hate it, whine about it and put your big girl panties on to deal with it!

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