Don't Lick That!

They say raising kids is like getting pecked to death by chickens. 

I don't know who "they" are but "they" are correct!! I mean, have you ever been pecked by a chicken?!

It's hard enough to raise your own children to be decent people, and not assholes. You have to teach them how to do things, why to do things and what happens when they don't!

Don't stick your finger in there! Why?

Don't lick that! Why?

Look both ways before crossing the street! Why?

Ugh, it never ends! Even as a grown up I find myself asking my parents stupid questions. I'm a grown ass woman and I still don't know what I'd do without them and their oh so wonderful guidance. I mean, they don't have all of the answers (or any sometimes!) but they can usually help me find where to go for the answer or they can be kind enough to tell me when I'm being a dumbass and that my idea is hair-brained and will never work out. It's all about some kind of balance in that relationship!

Being a Mother to my own daughter (I have a son as well but we're comparing here) the best compliment I've ever received as when my hairdresser said, "I hope I have that kind of relationship with my kids when they're older" in response to my daughter and I being sarcastic with one another. How did I learn that kind of relationship? Well duh, my own Mom! 

She's taught me a lot, my Dad has too. Life things, useless things... all kinds of things. How to shoot a gun, how to BBQ, bra fitting and the proper way to pour a glass of beer; A parents work is never done... but just remember to have fun with it too. 

Am I needlessly sarcastic and short with my kids? Uh, yeah. Do they deserve it? Usually. Am I hard on them and do I make mistakes, abso-fucking-lutely, but all of it teaches them something and sometimes it teaches me too. There are occasions where it doesn't teach me anything. That's totally fine too because it's life.

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