Embracing the Sh*t Days

You wake up, roll over... and sigh.

"Ugh, again?" You think to yourself. Can't I just go one damn day without feeling like a waste? Can't I wake up excited for the day ahead? Or like, even breakfast? Coffee?

A life full of hating that moment when you first realize you're awake and it's a completely new day; This feeling can be completely paralyzing and it's a REALLY hard thing to move past. If you've done it, then you know how much truth is in that statement. But let me tell you, it is 1 Zillion times worth it. 

Because depression is a completely different monster than just being tired we have to take some extra steps to make sure that we're not letting ourselves succumb to what's easiest. Check out these 11 Ways to Get Out of Bed Faster for some super basic inspiration. I know, I know!! It's not that easy but I guarantee you it will help. 

When you force yourself to do these things  every day you're re-wiring your brain. You're teaching your brain to expect and rely upon the redundancy and routine that can get you through the shit days. And guess what? Shit days are not all bad. Say what?!

Shit days can be amazingly valuable if you let them. I'm not telling you to stay in bed and commiserate about how much life sucks or procrastinate to the point that you get nothing done. I'm telling you to accept your feelings and examine them. The thoughts in your head can be insight into the things you need to remedy them! Highlight the stress points, make a list and work through it. Your worries will diminish one by one plus you'll feel accomplished for knocking that list of the table! Go you! Go me! Go us!

When you accept the negative feelings and thoughts you're not letting them control you, you're owning them and you're showing yourself who the boss is. Doing this on a regular basis will do that re-wiring that I mentioned before. It will take time, it's never easy (Understatement much?!) to do the things worth doing. This will pay off though, I promise. 

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