Halfway Mark? Still the Beginning!

Wow! I can't believe it's been three weeks already and at the same time it feels like it's been sooooo much longer. 

My incision is healing super awesomely, the swelling has reduced and because of that the pain has as well! My mobility is improving on a daily basis and my regular body is starting to show through. I know I won't see the full, calmed down results for a while yet and that's ok. Know why?

Because my clothes fit. Because I don't flap when I walk. Because I don't have to lift anything to wash myself. Because I have a pants penis! (That's not as weird as it sounds) and because I welcome having my picture taken now, no matter what the fuck I'm doing!! 

I love my chubby belly. I am in love with being a regular fat person. This is me, in the mirror and I could NOT be any happier. 

I've still got bad days. I still have flaws. I still love and appreciate them. 

This was the first major step in the change of becoming myself again which, I know, sounds kind of ridiculous. As many women know, the hair will change next and that will determine the next version of me... always improving, always loving and always learning.

Much Love

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