Just a Fat Girl in a Bathing Suit

It's ok, I'm not being self deprecating! I am overweight, but I am me. I'm healthy overall and I am working on bettering myself. That's actually how I hurt my shoulder so it stings a bit right now to think of haha


But, you've gotta be happy with and by yourself and you have to be comfortable in your skin! If you're not, how can you really LIVE?! So, yes.... I had a major tummy tuck, and yes, I still have work to do.... BUT I am happy with myself overall and I accept my flaws. I still have hard days, trust me I do. The important thing is that I don't give up permanently; I can take a break from time to time without giving up and guys, sometimes you really need those breaks to recharge and power up so don't scold yourself for taking them when you need them. It's important to acknowledge where you are, what you need and focus on what you can do with that information. 

Get up the next day and own your shit, be a boss! 

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