My life TL;DR

What am I even doing? Who knows! I'm just trying my best to not be an asshole, to raise decent human beings and live the life I WANT!

From a less than stellar childhood (I know, that's all of us) with divorced parents to a very troubled teenager I went through Depression, Self Harm, Suicide attempts and a constant struggle to learn who I was.

I got pregnant intentionally at 16, so clearly I didn't have all the answers but I sure thought I did. Of course this relationship didn't last long, he was 25 and I was 16... so three years later we called it quits.

A nasty separation and custody battle ensued that, 16 years later hasn't resolved. One can never know what this type of battle does to a person unless they've gone through it. To have you child taken from you by the person you thought was your soulmate and to constantly be tricked, used and tested really screws with your psyche.

I got pregnant again, by a "man" that cheated on me. It was not intentional this time, it was just a matter of birth control not being used effectively. He pulled the "I want to be involved if it's mine" BS. *cue eye roll* Needless to say even when the DNA test came back as positive he still couldn't be bothered more than a handful of times. This is an ongoing court issue!

I bounced around between a few cities trying to decide where I needed to be, what I needed to be doing... I started dating a man after deciding to move (yet again!) and he followed me there with his kids in tow. We got married (because he wanted to) and it lasted less than 6 months. There were LOADS of issues that I'll get into later but I almost ended up in psychiatric care so I knew things had to change.

We divorced (I wish it was that easy/fast) and I have now remarried, I have a pretty awesomely dysfunctional life and yep.... it's a mess.

But me? I'm uncensored. So sit back and enjoy being able to relate to the BS that life throws at us and how I cope (or don't) with it!

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