Necrotic Fat- am I coming undone?

It's a scary thing, to look down at the site of your major surgery and see a hole where there never used to be. 

Clear yellow liquid running down your abdomen is.... curious. Even more curious is when that turns into thick, milky yellow that flows in a steady stream. Squeeze it. Gushing. So gross. So concerning.

My first thought was infection, of course. Whenever you have an open wound it will be on your mind, however my incision HAD been healing very nicely so I didn't previously HAVE an open wound. It's been 4 weeks since my surgery and I've been doing everything I can to make sure I am healing well. Lots of water, lots of activity and lots of Vitamin E for the scar. 

I sent some pictures to my surgeons office when I first noticed the leakage and of course it was a Sunday. The next morning was when I first saw the hole and the volume of leakage increased substantially. That's when I made the choice to just go right into my family Dr's office. It's always nice to hear, "ew that *is* leaking quite a bit isn't it?" He covered it and sent me home with a prescription for some antibiotics as well as advising me that Home Care would contact me to get it dressed properly. So I went on with my day, back to work. Home Care rang me to come pick up a package of wound dressing and instructions so I grabbed it and headed home.

I went to change the bandage and noticed that the hole had opened RIGHT UP!! No more half a cm hole but a good half INCH hole in my abdomen. The fluid was thick and abundant. Sorry not sorry if that grosses you out. It didn't smell at all so I didn't reeeeally think it was an infection but it was definitely scary. I gave my Surgeon's office a call but expected to leave a message. It was after office hours so I left as many details as would fit in my message and bandaged myself back up again! 

The next morning Cindy called me from Dr Jacoby's office (I love her, have I mentioned that?!) to reassure me. Sent from heaven, I love these people! The clear fluid is called Serous Fluid. Totally 100% normal!! The thicker, creamy stuff is Necrotic Fat. Also.... totally fucking normal! 

After doing some research into it I found that it's very often caused by trauma to an area (In this case it was likely the liposuction) and it opened up to drain from my body. Cindy let me know that the hole could theoretically get bigger but I have to let it heal on its own. No stitching, no need for antibiotics and no worrying! 

Keep it clean and let it do its own thing. I have my binder on for two more weeks which really helps alleviate the discomfort from the bandages and tape keeping it in place. I'm changing the pads often to clean it out and I have another appointment with Home Care today.


This is one of those things I didn't even know was possible prior to my surgery; One of those things I wanted to share with everyone so they know. Don't freak out, don't panic... just check with your surgeon!

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