Shower? Unsuccessful

So it turns out I am not so good at recognizing my own physical limits. I learned this last night when I almost passed out in the shower.

I was sooooo looking forward to that shower too. I don't particularly love being told what not to do so when my surgeon said, "Do as much as you can as quickly as you can" I really ran with it. Well, maybe not running... walking is slow going at best haha!

I got up for dinner and didn't feel super awesome so I took some Gravol and tried to eat. It wasn't sitting well so I thought I should get my ass in gear and wash myself up! Surgery leaves some really gross fluids all over ya, in case you didn't know! 

But once that binder came off.... yowza, I can't even explain the feeling, the actual physical sensations. Heavy, tingly, stretched, pulling, gasping and the weirdest feeling of having a reeeaaallly big belly and looking down to see it not be there. I thought if I just got in the shower my head would clear and I would just make it a very quick shower.

WRONG!!! So very very wrong. I got my hair wet, felt like I was going to throw up and just pushed it away. I got shampoo in my hair and I realized that I wouldn't be able to make it through an entire shower. I am so lucky my husband came in at that moment (he didn't want me to shower without him in the room in the first place). He helped me get out as quick as I could and to lay down in the bedroom.

Shaking, trembling and soooo cold I laid down on the bed and my husband dried me off so we could put the binder back on. This thing is my life support and I had no idea it would be. I thought it was CAUSING me pain when in reality it was limiting it. It might rub on the tender bruises but it's literally holding me together physically and that is definitely affecting my mental state. 

I laid in bed for a couple of hours before I risked getting up again; I realized I had pushed myself too far in a day especially so soon after surgery. 8 lbs... Dr Jacoby took off 8 lbs from my abdomen alone. That's fucking major, ya know? 

I was able to get up, put some food in my belly and drink some water. My husband brought the recliner upstairs so I can sit comfortable and get in and out of it on my own without too much pain. I decided that I would try to sleep in the recliner and it was the BEST choice. I slept from 10 through to 2:40 which is three hours longer than normal. I got up, peed and went right back to sleep until 7. 

It seems this recliner will be my second best friend until I can lay comfortable in my own bed again and I'm ok with that. Having a good nights sleep and some food in my belly has already impacted my physical well being. I'm in less pain today, I'm not nearly as nauseated and even though I'm a little upset with myself for yesterday I'm using it as a lesson for my future days.

I absolutely can not screw up this recovery.

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